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The Pleasanton Alumni Website

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Welcome to the new alumni section of the website. We hope that you find this very useful and make it part of your web browsing experience. We would like this section of the website to become very highly used for connecting with old friends, putting announcements out for other alumni such as Happy Birthdays, Birth Announcements, and general events that is happening in one's life.

Please use this site for all your planning needs. If the class reunion planner would get in touch with me, I would be happy to set up a page that subscribed members would be able to view. Why not plan your reunion around Old Settlers Weekend and have your class around for the complete weekend?

We are currently working on making the reunion area better. In the future we plan on having an area of the alumni subscribed area that will link you to your reunion year page. The organizer will have the ability to go in and build the page by filling in some fields and a page will be available to classmates. You will only be able to see the reunion information for the year you graduated. We are even discussing a way to show the current status of each registered alumni in the case if they are going to attend the reunion.

If you are new to the alumni area, please subscribe so you can gain all the benefits of the site. All you need to do is take about 5 minutes to fill out the enrollment sheet. After the sheet is complete, we will set up the user and a confirmation email will be sent back to you. Once you have been successfully registered you can log in at any time to change your information, email other alumni, see everyone that has subscribed, and print an address list of your class for reunions, etc. Please read the rules and then you may Sign Up Here.

We are trying to keep your information mostly private so the only place your address will be given would be if someone from your class requests a class listing. They will only be able to get this for their graduating class and no other. The email portion of the website will allow for the subscriber to send you an email but will not be able to see what your email address is. If at this point you wish to email back this person and give them your email address or phone number then that is your option.

We are now offering a guest login, which will only allow to see which items are listed but you are not able to click on any of the functionality use it. No information about any of the subscribed members is available. This is only for viewing the options that are available to subscribed members. In order to log in as a guest use guest for the username and guest for the password.

As this section progresses please feel free to give back comments on the site on what is liked and what may make it more user friendly.

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