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What's New in Pleasanton, Nebraska
Last Updated On: 2/5/2007

Website Issues
Due to the vast amount of spammers in the internet world, we had to take down the Pleasanton website. This lasted a month and now we are slowly bringing back up sections. The problem area for sure was attributed to the Guestbook, so since this has happened, the guestbook will no longer be available on the website.

Town Sign Changes
After meeting and discussing plans for a town sign, the agenda has changed. We are still planning on having a town sign but location has changed along with plans of the area the sign to be placed.

Now Available...Community Email Addressess
A new way to show your community support...purchase an email address with For $5/year, you can have an email address with where yourname can be your name, a nickname, hobby name, etc. Names are available first come first serve and can include letters, numbers, periods(.), and dashes(-). No obscene or vulgar names will be approved and final decision is the sole discretion of the webmaster. These are independent of any of your current emails and this does not replace your internet access. Basic spam filters are implemented on these email addresses to help keep some of the junkmail. There is also access through webmail. For more information, visit our request an email page.

Join the Alumni Pages Now
The Pleasanton Alumni Section of the website is almost complete but we need your help to make it a success. If you have not registered online and wish to do so, please complete the sign-up form and start getting in touch with old friends or let it help you plan your next reunion. Click on the Alumni Page button above for more information.

Information on Community Sign Project
As the time draws near the Pleasanton Sign Committee would like to keep you up to date on new happenings with the town sign project. Check out new happenings by visiting the community sign project page. They are getting ready to start a couple new fundraiser projects including a new computer raffle and a spaghetti feed.

Benefits of
Curious on what the Pleasanton website can do for you? Click here to read the Top 5.

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